Released 2020-05-03

Security and maintenance release

0026631: [security] file_get_visible_attachments shows private files that should be invisible to the user (vboctor)
0026893: [security] APIs expose private attachments to users who has access to issue but not private notes (vboctor)
0026781: [bugtracker] changed project order / sequence (dregad)
0026805: [attachments] Attachments box is invisible when notes are private by default (vboctor)
0026835: [attachments] Database Server error while adding file to project (atrol)
0026838: [bugtracker] OS build field not filled in viewing mode (atrol)
0026880: [administration] Impossible to reset user's password (dregad)
0026881: [documentation] Documentation for REST API /users/{id}/reset missing (vboctor)
0026885: [api rest] Resetting password for protected user via REST API should fail (dregad)
0026921: [bugtracker] View Issue page does not show "Product Build" (wrong key names in code) (atrol)
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