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0012339mantisbtwebpagepublic2018-10-07 04:07
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Product Version1.2.2 
Summary0012339: Design proposal for "View bug" to increase readability and reduce clutter

I believe that the current mantis design in many regards is experienced as cluttered and difficult to read:

Everything is in a grid layout - related gui features are not necessarily close together. E.g. in "view bug", the platform/os/osversion fields are spread out across the entire width of the screen.

To many line boxes make the design appear cluttered - especially when the content of each box is missing or very small. E.g. see a bug with only a little information, the relationship/send files/watchers boxes will turn into just a bunch of lines.

It should be possible to prioritise the fields better than in the current design. Some fields, like e.g. severity/status/resolution might be regarded as more important than e.g. the platform and the list of watchers (for most users most of the time).

Attached is a design sketch showing some ideas for a new layout of the view bug page. (The regular mantis header still applies above it.)

This layout is based on the following idea:

  • Not every field must necessarily be explicitly named (e.g. the platform section shows the content of platform/os/osversion as one string.)

  • Give more weight to the primary properties. (What is primary may be open to opinion of course.)

  • More secondary fields are off to the right, in a column of their own.

  • Putting secondary fields to the right, allows description, messages, etc. in the main column to appear higher up on the page.

  • Some of the action buttons that are redundant with the generic "modify bug"-button are removed. If people really want these button, it should be possible to put them back in the "Action"-section.

  • Color coding for e.g. status and other important values is possible, but not shown in the sketch.

Tagsmockup, redesign


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2010-09-13 04:08


viewbug-20100913.png (207,610 bytes)   
viewbug-20100913.png (207,610 bytes)   


2010-09-13 04:10

reporter   ~0026698

Possibly related issues are 0007608, 0006628, 0010409.



2010-09-14 00:26

reporter   ~0026707

I really like the ideas here, especially the two column format.

It will need to take into account custom fields though, and users enabling and disabling various fields in the config. But it's a great looking design.

I also hope Mantis will use dynamic editing on this screen, like how the Tags filter works. And as soon as you change a field, a * can appear in the page title to show that it's unsaved.



2010-09-20 00:58

reporter   ~0026789

Cool design. I'm sure this will surely enhance the usability of Mantis.