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0026985mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2020-05-27 04:03
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Product Version2.24.1 
Summary0026985: Reopen issue problem with option "default_bugnote_view_status" set to VS_PRIVATE

If $g_default_bugnote_view_status is set to VS_PRIVATE users with no right for viewing private notes can't reopen issues.

Additional Information

Solved it for me with adding
$t_bugnote_private = $t_bugnote_private && access_compare_level( user_get_access_level( auth_get_current_user_id() ), config_get( 'private_bugnote_threshold' ) );
$t_bugnote_private = $t_default_bugnote_view_status == VS_PRIVATE;
in bugnote_add_inc.php and bug_change_status_page.php

See also 0026627 and 0026699

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related to 0026627 closedatrol Add files with option "default_bugnote_view_status" set to VS_PRIVATE 
related to 0026699 new Inconsistent options for setting public/private status 


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