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0026990mantisbtfilterspublic2021-02-14 11:07
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Summary0026990: Changing to a project should reset the projects default filter

This is one of the most annoying problems. I have with working with mantis with many projects.

What I done:

  • view_all_bug_page
  • Change project

What I expect:

  • Clean filter

What I see:

  • Mantis restores the filter I last used in that project. This could be a slow, complicated search. In a bad (but not untypical case) I have to wait 20 seconds until the page is visible and I can reset the filter.

By the way: I have searched if this is a dublicate, but without a more powerful search (like 0026447 :-)), I was overwhelmed.

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has duplicate 0027980 resolvedatrol Do not save filter parameter 
related to 0027129 resolveddregad Preserving filters does not work correctly on sub-sub-projects 




2020-05-29 03:50

developer   ~0064036

Mantis restores the filter I last used in that project

This is by design actually.

I understand your point, but in many use cases, returning to the previously used filter is the expected behavior. So I'm not convinced we should change this; at best this could be made configurable behavior.

Also, what exactly do you mean by "clean filter" be ? Equivalent of clicking the reset filter button ?



2020-05-29 08:40

reporter   ~0064044

@dregad, Thanks for commenting.

Yes, the equivalent of "reset filter".
A configuration would be already great for me. Do you know, where to change the behaviour?

In addition: Is there a way to get a feeling for what would be the better default funktionality? Do you have feedback from user users?

What would be a reasonable expectation? When I change a project, is it more likely that I
a) continue a work that I have previously done in that project or
b) is it more likely that I have a new topic why I go there.

From my feeling and working with mantis, everytime I go there, I would like to have a fresh context. In particular, if I chage a project.
If I want to persist the current context, I would you PermaLinks or Saved filters.

What's your experience? Or what would be an approach to find out?

From other software projects I know: It's easy to add options and leave the default behaviour as it is. But this renders into a nightmare of options, in particular some where the impact on the usability is not obivous. At least I hope that in this case the option has to be considered only on one place.



2020-08-04 16:51

reporter   ~0064237

Last edited: 2020-08-05 04:56

Testing the feature again, that there is a bug with sub-sub projects, that makesbehaviour is inconsistant (on sub-sub projects, filters are set to their parent, but on "All Projects" and sub-projects they are preserved), and probably this is the reason why I find the behaviour particularly annoying.

update: First I thought it was a bug in my local installation, but even when resetting it to the upstream sourcecode version, the behaviour stays the same. I will file a separate bug for this -> 0027129.