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Summary0002814: Prefix CSS class names

It would be nice, if CSS class names will be prefixed via definedable string. It could improve Mantis ingrattion ability into larger projects.


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related to 0004227 acknowledged Roadmap 1.0 - Templates 
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2003-02-27 00:56

manager   ~0003853

The other option is to have all Mantis forms/ui inside a div with class "mantis". This way our styles will look as follows:

div.mantis tr { blah blah }
div.mantis tr.category { blah blah }

... and so on.

I would prefer this option over using a prefix.



2007-07-24 04:00

reporter   ~0015203

I checked bugzilla and it adds a "bugzilla" class to the <body> tag, essentially achieving the same purpose.

This is probably the least intrusive modification we could do; Victor, if you agree I will take care of this.



2007-07-24 11:05

manager   ~0015208

The thing that we have to keep in mind is integrations with CMS systems, for example, PostNuke, etc. In that case the div option would be better than the body option. Although I would have to agree that the body option is better than what we are doing now.

Would it be possible to have the code that generate <body>, generate <body><div class="mantis"> and </body> becomes </div></body>?



2007-07-26 03:23

reporter   ~0015223

sure, though I think the former is better because (IIRC) style defined for <body> are inherited by childs while this does not happens with <div>s

I think we will need more input from guys trying such integrations, otherwise we just waste time.



2010-09-28 20:37

reporter   ~0026897

This feature has been added in the master branch.



2013-04-05 17:57

reporter   ~0036478

Marking as 'acknowledged' not resolved/closed to track that change gets ported to master-2.0.x branch

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