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Summary0003736: Implementing Themes

It would be nice if Mantis was able to have better support for managing themes.



duplicate of 0004227 acknowledged Roadmap 1.0 - Templates 
has duplicate 0003686 closedgrangeway Theme system using CSS and/or Smarty. 
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2004-04-12 18:22

reporter   ~0005368

I understand there is some initial support (configuration path for CSS), but configuration options are in several different places:

  1. Separate CSS file needs to be created for custom colours
  2. Bug status colours need to be changed in the main configuration files
  3. Separate html file needs to be created and its path added to main configuration file to add a logo

It would be much easier if 1 and 2 were combined to be held in a single CSS file and 3 was part of the standard code, thus giving you the ability just to modify the image file as required.

An extra step would be maybe to enable management of themes per project through the database. While the above is probably not much work, this would be quite a bit of work. Another thing to think about here before implementing this extra step would be site performance.

Also, in relation to additional CSS classes (0003735), I included a sample CSS file with a "black" theme.



2012-06-20 10:25

reporter   ~0032127

I created a Theme Manager plugin, which covers the following of note 0003736:0005368:

  1. You can create you own theme, it won't get overwritten by updates and you can change the theme with your MantisBT backend
  2. You can change the bug colors inside your css with this

The "MantisBT Theme Manager" can be found here



2012-06-22 04:03

reporter   ~0032137

This just looks great! Thanks for this plugin, when I find the time I'm going to play a little bit with the css things.



2013-11-04 01:56

manager   ~0038435

Adding link to a github fork that UI updates:



2013-11-04 05:57

developer   ~0038438

link to a github fork
Unfortunately no fork but a complete new repository

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