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0005370mantisbtfilterspublic2008-08-05 22:12
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Summary0005370: Add additional standard filter attributes ('not empty')

Like in the Excel Autofilter mechanism it is desirable to be able to specify not only "any" but also "empty" (or "none") and "non empty" as a global criterion for any filter that searches for strings.

This issue was cloned to cover the 'not empty case'

Additional Information

The project I care for needs to select all issues where the value for "fixed in version" has not yet been set. So I have modified our current mantis version to include the attribute "none" in the selection list (similar to the field "Assigned to"). The modification is fairly simple and affects only a few lines in two files: view_filters_page.php and core\filter_api.php.

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duplicate of 0008149 acknowledged New filter option: [Someone] for Assigned to and other filter fields 
related to 0005075 closedthraxisp Add additional standard filter attributes 
has duplicate 0007046 closedvboctor Ability to filter to get issues that have a custom field value as not empty 




2008-08-05 22:12

reporter   ~0019050

Closing as duplicate of 0008149 since i'm working on filters and 8149 has more recent activity.

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