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Summary0006220: Change order of fields


I want to change the new bug page. In my case, some fields doesn't exists and I create them as custom fields with the order I want. But we can't change any order with statics fields like severity, category, etc unless we change the code. For more, fields with (*) have the same problem.

Is there any change in further versions or other issue.




duplicate of 0011385 new Put custom fields on top of the report page (before category) 
has duplicate 0017625 closedvboctor Support controlling order and visibility of custom and native fields 
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2010-03-09 01:05

reporter   ~0024678

see also 0011385



2014-08-31 23:25

manager   ~0041146

As of now, we have a way to manage which of the native fields should be visible. However, we don't support re-ordering such fields.

For custom fields, we provide the ability to control their visibility and order relative to each other.

We don't provide a way to define the order of custom fields and native fields relative to each other.

Based on users trying out MantisBT, it seems that often users would like to change order of native fields and interleave custom fields between them. Hence, some standard approach to enable that would be make sense.

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