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0006713mantisbtcustomizationpublic2010-08-02 15:13
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Product Version1.0.0rc2 
Summary0006713: Customization of the attributes seen in report, edit and update bug views

I deploy mantis (1.0.0rc2) in my society to manage not only bug but also enhancement, feature, task, ...
I've made some change in the php code to better fit our needs mainly in the IHM.
Maybe this could interest some people.
I try to uniformize and better customize the report, edit and update bug views.
In the report, edit and update bug views, I've merge the php code of the simple and advanced page so we can define in the get_columns_to_view the attributes you want to see in these views. I use the "custom_function_override_get_columns_to_view" function and add the following tags (COLUMNS_TARGET_REPORT_PAGE, COLUMNS_TARGET_REPORT_AVANCED_PAGE, ...) to specify the fields to show.
All the attributes are presented into two columns in all the views.

I join here a zip file containing the php source files.

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related to 0004227 acknowledged Roadmap 1.0 - Templates 


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2010-07-28 16:54

developer   ~0026150

This functionality is available in newer versions of MantisBt



2010-08-02 04:46

reporter   ~0026197

That not really identical.
In my solution, I could choose the order of the attributes in the view and insert custom fields.
And even if I have merge bug_report_page.php and bug_report_advanced_page.php php code (same for view and update), I have maintain the possibility to have simple and advanced view.



2010-08-02 15:13

developer   ~0026206

Reopened to keep alpoplavsky's input for related issue

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