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Summary0007020: Custom field can become a parameter in an HTML link

Is it possible to include a special type of custom field that, once populated in an issue, becomes a parameter in an HTML link.

This way, for example, one can hyperlink Mantis issues to other data/docs in web-based databases.



duplicate of 0013180 confirmed Url template custom field 




2006-05-03 14:40

reporter   ~0012775

Great idea. I would use that too to reference documents in other systems. For example, hardware uses a custom defect tracking system. Given a standard ULR I could just append the defect number that the user entered to the URL. The same would work for specification and memo systems.



2007-05-29 14:25

reporter   ~0014651

Vote +1; This would be a great feature for linking to other bug systems or other projects' bug trackers.

I currently have the situation where I have my own mantis installation for my software but bugs are being filed in Debian's bug tracker for bugs in my software; I'd like to open bugs in my database and link to the bug reports on Debian's bug tracker.

Perhaps this could be resolved for all custom fields by adding a "Display As" selection that could be: raw value, URL.
When URL is selected, a new option could appear to enter the URL to create.

By separating the value from the display we can still search on the raw value easily but display the value in a different format.

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