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Summary0008149: New filter option: [Someone] for Assigned to and other filter fields

Often I would like to filter for issues which are assigned to someone (i.e. the reverse of none).

I would propose adding the filter option [Someone] to the "Assigned to" drop down lists in the filter section.

The [Someone] option should only include issues who are assigned to someone.

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This should not be just for the user fields it should cover other fields where a 'Not Empty' query is needed.

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2008-08-05 21:49

reporter   ~0019047

Last edited: 2008-08-05 21:49

I'd like to say that this isn't exactly the same as my original suggestion too.
I'd suggest instead of "someone" use "set" or "not none" because someone implies it refers to a field which represents a person and I'd like to use this feature in other fields as well. I'd like it to be in all fields that currently have none as an option so I can filter on resolution and the like.

I propose something different which would seem to be all together more useful. That is an option to invert the meaning of any selection. That could mean If I choose "suspended" from the resolution and then check the "invert" or "not" checkbox next to the resolution, the meaning would be equivalent to requesting all tasks whose resolution is not "suspended"

This would work for assigned to to none as well. Just check "not" next to assigned to, select "none" from the dropdown and this would select all tasks which are assigned to someone.

I'd suggest having a checkbox next to each filter option for this purpose. It would leave the existing code essentially untouched and simply complement the select statement for that field.



2014-01-25 09:37

developer   ~0039176

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2019-07-26 04:49

reporter   ~0062428

Although this is still something I want to have, you could achieve this by using advanced filters in 2.x Version and Multi-Select all possible Values
and there you have your "not empty" filter.
Dont get me wrong. This is just a workaround! If you have a long list of values it really sucks this way. A single [notempty] is way better IMHO.
Workaround works in 2.5.2 and 2.21.1 (dont have other versions running).



2020-05-19 09:09

reporter   ~0064003

I've proposed a pull request on github :
It covers a few issues concerning the filter :
Unable to filter on empty custom field value
New filter option: [Someone] for Assigned to and other filter fields
Add a filter option [Something] as opposite of [None] i.e. field not null