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0008266mantisbtfilterspublic2008-08-05 21:20
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Product Version1.1.0a4 
Summary0008266: filter on not empty field

The current filter for any also includes all unassigned or null value fields. This change would make it possible to only show those issues that have some value assigned to them. Effectively the opposite to the none filter.

This might also be achieved if you can negate the none filter and negation of any other filter field would be a big bonus. I could use this for not suspended, see all issues that have an assignee or a version

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duplicate of 0008149 acknowledged New filter option: [Someone] for Assigned to and other filter fields 




2007-08-17 01:17

reporter   ~0015442

May I add that the "any" filter is not sufficient for this as it also includes empty fields. This does not help me to select all issues that have been assigned to anyone or all issues with Fixed in version set to a non empty value.



2007-08-17 10:37

reporter   ~0015444


This would be very useful.



2008-08-05 21:20

reporter   ~0019045

while the request is not exactly the same the idea is the same. Tracking with bug 0008149.

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