Custom Dynamic Enumeration function not seen

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Custom Dynamic Enumeration function not seen

Post by ShadowKatmandu »

I am certain I am missing something very basic on this, but here's my problem:

I have created a function to enumerate a custom field I call Job Number. I have tried putting this function in both the core/custom_function_api.php file and in the custom_functions_inc.php file. I have tried naming it custom_function_override_enum_Job_Number() and custom_function_default_enum_Job_Number(). (Override seems to be the correct option, but it doesn't seem to matter.) Regardless of the above, putting =Job_Number() in the Possible Values field yields the following error:

SYSTEM WARNING: 'call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'custom_function_default_enum_Job_Number()' not found or invalid function name' in '/home/e-smith/files/ibays/tracker/html/core/helper_api.php' line 344

I looked at the helper_api code and found that it first tries to see if there is an override instead of a default function. I can only surmise helper_api is not loading either custom_function_api or custom_functions_inc.php. What step have I overlooked to make this fail?
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Re: Custom Dynamic Enumeration function not seen

Post by atrol »

Can't try at the moment, just a guess:
Does is work with a custom field withoout a blink in name (e.g. job)
Which version of MantisBT do you use?
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