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GanttChart Plugin


  • The Gantt Chart plugin for Mantis gives the ability to display the roadmap of the tickets correction on a gantt chart,
    • for a given version
    • or for given filter


Access Gantt Charts via the added menu

  • name of the menu [ Gantt Chart Roadmap ]
  • Display a table listing the active versions of the selected project, with for each of them an hyperlink to the gantt chart(s) of this version

Access Gantt Charts via the filter

  • Add a new export hyperlink in the filter page (View Issues) called [ Gantt Chart ]
  • open a new window with the gantt chart of the selected page of the current filter


  • optimal range of dates according to the distribution of the tickets
  • start/end date calculations


  • When the start or end date of one ticket is out of the range defined for the current gantt chart, then a marker is used at the boundary dates instead with an information on the real dates of the tickets.


  • Define the range of maximum weeks to use in the representation of the gantt chart
  • Define the range of maximum tickets/issues to display in the gantt chart
  • Define the maximum length of the labels for the row, i.e. the length of “bug id + summary”
    • When the title exceed the maximum length, the title is truncated with “…” concatenated at the end.

Parent-Child relationship supported

  • As long as the parents/childs tickets are in the same list of rows


  • option to display or mask the legend
  • option to define the colors


  • Mantis 1.2.5
    • (The plugin has been tested on Mantis version 1.2.5, but it should also work fine on higher versions of Mantis)
  • JPGraph
  • PHP: memory_limit option set to at least 128M in php.ini



  • Readme file
  • For more information please refer to the documentation inside the plugin folder: GanttChart/doc/index.html.


Source code

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