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 ===== Overview ===== ===== Overview =====
-The InlineColumnConfiguration allows you to configure the column preferences inlinein the view bugs page+The InlineColumnConfiguration ​plugin ​allows you to configure the column preferences inline in the view bugs page, via drag&​drop.
- +
-{{:​mantisbt:​inline-column-configuration-overview.png|:​mantisbt:​inline-column-configuration-overview.png}} +
- +
-===== Features ===== +
- +
-   * Configure viewprint, CSV and Excel columns. +
- +
-===== Requirements ===== +
- +
-   * MantisBT 1.2.6 or higher +
-   * jQuery UI plugin 1.8 or higher+
 ===== Download ===== ===== Download =====
-There is no formal release for now, but the [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/​Inline-column-configuration/archives/​master|latest version from the repository]] is expected to be stable.+Get the [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/​InlineColumnConfiguration/​releases/​latest|latest stable release]] from Github. 
 +You can also download the [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/InlineColumnConfiguration/​archive/|latest ​development ​version]] from the repository's master branch.
 ===== Documentation ===== ===== Documentation =====
-The plugin adds a '​Configure columns'​ action ​to the view issues pageThe configuration page is opened inlineFields may be dragged and dropped to control the order in which they are displayed.+Please refer to the [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/​InlineColumnConfiguration/​blob/​master/​|plugin'​s README file]] for details.
 =====Support===== =====Support=====
-To report an issue or feature request for InlineColumnConfiguration plugin, visit [[http://​​bugs/​ | Mantis BugTracker]]. ​+To report an issue or feature request for InlineColumnConfiguration plugin, visit [[http://​​bugs/​search.php?​project_id=14&​sticky_issues=1&​sortby=last_updated&​dir=DESC ​| Mantis BugTracker, Plugin - InlineColumnConfiguration]]. 
 ===== Source code ===== ===== Source code =====
-InlineColumnConfiguration ​plugin is hosted at GitHub along with other plugins at [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/​inline-column-configuration]] . +The plugin is hosted at GitHubalong with other plugins at [[https://​​mantisbt-plugins/​InlineColumnConfiguration]].
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