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Plugin Events Reference

This document is a reference for all events declared by the core Mantis plugin API. It should contain the event name, type, a description of where and when it is triggered, and any special parameters it may expect to receive.

NOTE: The event list has not yet been finalized. You should not rely on this reference until events have been fully implemented.

Plugin API Events

EVENT_PLUGIN_INIT ( Execute ) This event is triggered by the Mantis core immediately after all plugins have been registered. All of the core API's will have already been loaded. It should always be the first event triggered for any page load. This event should be used for setting up configuration variables or any other per-instance setting.

Mantis Layout Events

These events will be called on every page load, and are defined with relation to the overall style and layout of Mantis.

EVENT_LAYOUT_RESOURCES ( Output ) This event is triggered before the end of the <head> tag, after the standard Javascript and CSS resources have been included. This should be used for linking to plugin-specific Javascript or CSS resources.

EVENT_LAYOUT_PAGE_HEADER ( Output ) This event is triggered after the site title and Mantis logo have been displayed, but before the login information and menu.

EVENT_LAYOUT_CONTENT_BEGIN ( Output ) This event is triggered after the Mantis menu has been displayed, at the beginning of the content section.

EVENT_LAYOUT_CONTENT_END ( Output ) This event is triggered after the content section has been displayed, but before the footer section.

EVENT_LAYOUT_PAGE_FOOTER ( Output ) This event is triggered after the normal Mantis footer has been displayed, and any output from this event should be the last elements displayed on the page.

Mantis View Events

Bug API Events





EVENT_BUG_BUGNOTE_ADDED ( Execute ) Is this superfluous because of EVENT_BUG_UPDATED?

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